Project Hive – Best Blockchain Game

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Project Hive – Best Blockchain Game

Project Hive is built by developers and gamers, inspired by such big names in the industry as ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, ‘Ghostrunner’ and ‘Combats’. The Steam platform with its workshop gave us an idea for our own similar in-game space. Our project allows artists to create content and add it into the game, using voting and profit-sharing mechanics. We believe that only with the voice of our community, together, something truly unique and attractive can be built.

Project Hive is a Play-to-Earn turn-based RPG with a focus on PVP, featuring NFT items, a Clans system, high-quality 3D graphics and a PVE campaign.

Most of in-game playable items are represented in the form of NFTs – transferable and tradeable assets. Players remain in full control over their in-game property. Such approach also allows creating, upgrading and trading of NFTs to receive additional income and participate in the actual game development.

Clans system is a core, unique part of Project Hive gameplay and is our most advanced in-game mechanic. It allows our players to:

— Join massive multiplayer PvP events

— Achieve exceptional clan bonuses

— Take part in the most challenging PVE content

— Receive enormous rewards from conquering territories

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Project Hive – Best Blockchain Game

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