Galactic War – Best Blockchain Game

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Galactic War – Best Blockchain Game

Galactic War is an AAA game with top-notch graphic design and multiple choices of gameplays. The game consists of the simulated activities of virtual reality (VR) in the metauniverses of the Milky Way, with many mysteries and hidden secrets. Built on the Unreal Engine 5, Galactic War promises to bring the best gaming experiences to you.

The constant war of the 4 universes: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta has existed in the Milky Way for centuries. In every universe lie mysterious secrets about lives and resources. They tirelessly expand their supremacy and the conflicts between them seem to never end.

Galactic War’s players will be transformed into leaders of the high and mighty army to fight, and invade the valuable land and resources with the ultimate goal of becoming the mighty ruler of the meta universe.

Galactic War is designed with magnificent graphics which provide players with unique and realistic images of the spacecraft, planets,…. With the strong influence of the Metaverse trend, Galactic War aims to bring amazing VR experiences to all players.

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Galactic War – Best Blockchain Game

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